06/05/2019: Had an excellent event at Sandwich in Kent jumping off P22 straight into combat. Please click on the link for P22 to see what these guys do, excellent guys, excellent display and thanks for allowing our group to embark.

28/07/2018: Unit transport is back on the road. 1942 Bedford MWR (used as a Bedford MWD) carrying the Engineers HQ of the 50th Northumbrian Tyne and Tees.
This is a 28hp Engine, 3.5L Overhead Valve. This variant of the Second World War Bedfords was the racehorse in its class, same engine as fitted to the Bedford QL & OY but rather
then a top speed of 30/35Mph, this had 59Mph which was extremely fast for the time. It’s a 15cwt Truck, on contract card 1 ton capacity.